Supply Chain

What is the Supply Chain ?

The supply chain is the entire process from production of raw materials to delivery of the final product to the customer. It encompasses all intermediate stages, including product processing, storage, transport and distribution.

A well-managed supply chain is essential to a company’s overall performance, optimizing operations, satisfying customers, reducing costs and boosting competitiveness in the marketplace.

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Maximizing profitability: The keys to measuring supply chain performance

Optimizing the supply chain: an essential objective for high performance

For VSEs and SMEs, this is a crucial objective. Here are a few key methods:

Finopia uses the DMAIC method, here's how

Finopia undertook to optimize the supply chain of a hardware distributor using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology.

  • Define

    We began by clearly defining the objectives of our mission: to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, including customs clearance processes, in order to reduce lead times and costs.

  • Measure

    We carried out a detailed assessment of current supply chain performance, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) related to customs clearance, such as processing times and associated costs.

  • Analyze

    By analyzing the data collected, we have identified the main points of inefficiency and the underlying causes of delays and excessive costs in customs clearance processes.

  • Improve

    Based on our analyses, we have developed and implemented targeted solutions to improve customs clearance processes, such as automating administrative formalities, streamlining workflows and strengthening partnerships with customs authorities and logistics service providers.

  • Control

    Finally, we have put in place control measures to continuously monitor and evaluate supply chain performance, ensuring that improvements made to customs clearance processes are maintained over the long term.

Thanks to our methodical approach based on the DMAIC method, the hardware distributor was able to achieve significant gains in terms of operational efficiency, cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction in the field of customs clearance.

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Maximizing profitability: The keys to measuring supply chain performance