Generative Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Réunion’s SMEs

We’re delighted to share the highlights of the event organized by Finopia, highlighting Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), and marked by the inauguration of our new premises in La Possession. Our experts, Martin Girard and Marius Brunet, shared valuable insights into the application of AI to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and very small businesses (VSEs).

The context of the event

Today, it’s more important than ever to explore the possibilities offered by generative AI for SMEs and VSEs in La Réunion. The aim of the event was toeducate,inspire and spark constructive dialogue on the multiple potential of AI in different business sectors.


To illustrate theimpact of generative AI in concrete terms, we shared specific examples of applications in sectors such asindustry, commerce and services. Case studies from companies such as Renault, Amazon, and Ross Intelligence highlighted AI’s ability to transform operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

We also deepened the discussion on how to adapt AI to the specific realities of Reunion’s VSEs/SMEs, highlighting specific strategies for sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and marketing.

Challenges and prospects

At the event, we discussed the main issues involved in AI integration, including costs, regulation, and employeeacceptance. We shared practical tips to help companies successfullyintegrate AI into their business approaches

Advice minute

We’ve summarized the highlights of the event in a series of practical tips, including how to set clear objectives and choose the right technology.

In conclusion, this event highlighted the concrete benefits of AI for SMEs and VSEs in La Réunion. We warmly invite our readers to join the upcoming events organized by Finopia, and further explore the opportunities that AI can offer their businesses.